How does Fundhomes choose properties?

  1. We focus on the rate of return, with the main objective of meeting a generous cash flow. Every week, our team imports a new batch of properties from large real estate platforms such as Zillow. Our team does a preliminary analysis of these listings using our data model. We use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) filters to help us choose properties intelligently.

    1. In the filtering process, our team focuses on the location of a house. We favor houses that are next to famous attractions because these attractions generate their own traffic.

    2. Fundhomes tends to pay extra attention to property types. Fundhomes team chooses single-family houses or multi-family houses because they have more potential to increase in value and generate a more substantial monthly rental income.

      “The single-family housing market is valued at more than US$30 trillion, which is more than double that of the traditional commercial real estate market (valued at US$13.4 trillion)” from AFIRE.
  • After these intelligent machine tools help us selected the qualified properties, Fundhomes team will finally visit the site to select the best investment properties. We will communicate with local brokers and agents in a timely manner to ensure that the property is worth investing in.